LFW: Eudon Choi

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LFW: Eudon Choi

Eudon Choi’s AW16 collection was an exciting one with a lot  of diversity in cuts, prints and colours. He was inspired by abstract artists like the female painters Saloua Raouda Choucair and Helen Frankenthaler. He was drawn to their art because it makes no attempt to depict an accurate
representation of a visual reality but uses shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect. Using the work of Choucair and Frankenthaler creates a juxtaposition of the hard and the soft since Saloua favours sharp and graphic lines and strong colours and Helen’s work is characterised by fluid shapes with muted and relaxed brushwork. The sharpness was shown through the colour blocking panels, asymmetry and ‘random’ cuts. The softness was expressed through the prints, long crepe dresses and other soft materials.  It is this juxtaposition of the hard and the soft, the muted and the vivid that forms the core point of reference for the AW16 collection. This is discernible in Choi’s focus on draping mixed with tailored structure, abstract seams and hemlines and contrasting panels of colour.

Written by: Marloes Hagenaars
Images by: provided by Purple PR

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