cover 1Freya is a new magazine that explores current issues through fashion. Filled with inspiring, unique and intelligent content, the magazine is attractive both visially and substantively. Freya’s first issue will evolve around Muslim modest dress, exploring everything from the rise of Islamic
sportswear to Europe’s obsession with the face-veil. Through the different categories; Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Politics, the magazine covers a high range of topics that relate to the theme, but it also includes articles that explore femininity. Each issue Freya magazine will explore a new theme, aiming to stimulate awareness acceptance and tolerance for these current issues.

Freya magazine started as a graduation project for my MA Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. At the moment I’m working hard to get Freya magazine in a store near you. If you are interested, please follow my journey on Facebook and Twitter because it will soon be launched on Kickstarter!

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